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Game 10018701 - comments welcome

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  Game 10018701 - comments welcome


Chess rating: 1789

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United States
Give chess goodie
Thu Dec 17 2015 1:46AM | MsgID: 18717762

Disclaimer: Sometimes I put my own foot in my mouth, but here goes anyway.

Move 3: You played Nc6 in response to f5, I think d6 would have been much better. Being able to recapture with a pawn if he takes gives you much more control of the center. As the game went he was able to gain a lot of tempos by repeatedly attacking your knights.

Move 9: You played d5. This is a clear blunder as it simply loses a pawn.

Move 11: I think White plays a bad move here with Nd2. You do find a good response with Be6.

Move 12: White plays Nxe7. I think the best response here would have been Nexe7, getting your bad knight back into the game. Yes, there is a hanging pawn on d4, but he is doing his best to call your king safety into question. Better would be to deal with his threats until he has no choice but to deal with the issue of his hanging pawn. Take this line into consideration: (12. ...Nexe7 13.Bxe6 fxe6 and now he has no choice but do something about his hanging pawn, so on your next move you can play Qd7, then castle the move after that.)

After this point I don't have much else to say, his e-pawn is just too much of a problem for you in the middle game, and by the time you finally manage to capture it he has isolated all your pawns from each other, making them easy prey. Rather than delivering a knockout blow to you he simply ground you down until you broke.

Hope my analysis (if it can be called that) helps.


Chess rating: 1569

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Give chess goodie
Sat Dec 12 2015 6:16AM | MsgID: 18706620

A game has been requested for annotation. Please refer to the Latest annotation requests by members for details
The perspective requested for annotations/comments: I found myself in early trouble having to retreat my knight and any control I had over the centre but gradually managed to weaken the pawn structure protecting the white king, while keeping mine intact. I think I could have done better to prevent the passed 3 file pawn. Against a much stronger opponent, I think there is much to learn about the end game and dealing with the passed pawns and the positioning of the king.

If you just want to make quick comments on the game or existing annotations:

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Here is the game score:

[Event " server game"]
[Site " "]
[Date "2015.12.11 "]
[Round "NA"]
[White "snowshinethedog"]
[Black "nicholasc"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "2160"]
[BlackElo "1791"]
[Board "10018701"]

1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. Nb1-c3 Ng8-f6 3. f2-f4 Nb8-c6 4. fxe5 Nc6xe5 5. d2-d4 Ne5-g6 6. e4-e5 Nf6-g8 7. Ng1-f3 Bf8-b4 8. Bf1-c4 h7-h6 9. O-O d7-d5 10. Nc3xd5 Bb4-e7 11. Nf3-d2 Bc8-e6 12. Nd5xe7 Qd8xd4 13. Kg1-h1 Be6xc4 14. Ne7xg6 fxg6 15. Nd2-f3 Qd4xd1 16. Rf1xd1 Ng8-e7 17. Bc1-d2 O-O-O 18. Bd2-c3 Ne7-d5 19. Bc3-d4 Nd5-f4 20. b2-b3 Bc4-e2 21. Rd1-d2 Be2xf3 22. gxf3 Rh8-e8 23. Ra1-d1 b7-b6 24. Kh1-g1 Nf4-e6 25. Bd4-e3 Rd8xd2 26. Rd1xd2 g6-g5 27. Kg1-f2 Ne6-f4 28. Be3xf4 gxf4 29. Rd2-e2 Kc8-d7 30. Kf2-g2 Kd7-e6 31. Kg2-h3 Ke6-f5 32. e5-e6 g7-g5 33. e6-e7 h6-h5 34. Kh3-g2 Kf5-f6 35. h2-h4 c7-c5 36. hxg5 Kf6xg5 37. Kg2-h3 a7-a5 38. a2-a4 Kg5-g6 39. Kh3-h4 Kg6-f5 40. Re2-e4 Kf5-g6 41. Re4-e6 Kg6-f5 42. Re6xb6 Re8xe7 43. Rb6-b5 Re7-e2 44. Rb5xc5 Kf5-g6 45. Kh4-h3 Re2-f2 46. c2-c3 Rf2xf3 47. Kh3-g2 Rf3-d3 48. Kg2-f2 h5-h4 49. Kf2-g2 f4-f3 50. Kg2-f2 Kg6-f6 51. b3-b4 axb4 52. cxb4 Kf6-e6 53. Rc5-c4 h4-h3 54. Rc4-h4 Rd3-b3 55. b4-b5 Ke6-d5 56. Rh4xh3 Kd5-c5 57. Rh3xf3 Rb3-b4 58. Rf3-f5 Kc5-b6 59. Rf5-f6 Kb6-c5 60. Rf6-a6 Rb4-d4 61. b5-b6 Kc5-c6 62. a4-a5 Rd4-d7 63. Ra6-a8 Rd7-b7 64. Ra8-c8 Kc6-b5 65. Rc8-c7 Kb5-a6 66. Rc7xb7 Ka6xb7 1-0

[[[1. e2e4 e7e5 2. Nb1c3 Ng8f6 3. f2f4 Nb8c6 4. fxe5 Nc6xe5 5. d2d4 Ne5g6 6. e4e5 Nf6g8 7. Ng1f3 Bf8b4 8. Bf1c4 h7h6 9. O-O d7d5 10. Nc3xd5 Bb4e7 11. Nf3d2 Bc8e6 12. Nd5xe7 Qd8xd4 13. Kh1 Be6xc4 14. Ne7xg6 fxg6 15. Nd2f3 Qd4xd1 16. Rf1xd1 Ng8e7 17. Bc1d2 O-O-O 18. Bd2c3 Ne7d5 19. Bc3d4 Nd5f4 20. b2b3 Bc4e2 21. Rd1d2 Be2xf3 22. gxf3 Rh8e8 23. Ra1d1 b7b6 24. Kg1 Nf4e6 25. Bd4e3 Rd8xd2 26. Rd1xd2 g6g5 27. Kf2 Ne6f4 28. Be3xf4 gxf4 29. Rd2e2 Kd7 30. Kg2 Ke6 31. Kh3 Kf5 32. e5e6 g7g5 33. e6e7 h6h5 34. Kg2 Kf6 35. h2h4 c7c5 36. hxg5 Kxg5 37. Kh3 a7a5 38. a2a4 Kg6 39. Kh4 Kf5 40. Re2e4 Kg6 41. Re4e6 Kf5 42. Re6xb6 Re8xe7 43. Rb6b5 Re7e2 44. Rb5xc5 Kg6 45. Kh3 Re2f2 46. c2c3 Rf2xf3 47. Kg2 Rf3d3 48. Kf2 h5h4 49. Kg2 f4f3 50. Kf2 Kf6 51. b3b4 axb4 52. cxb4 Ke6 53. Rc5c4 h4h3 54. Rc4h4 Rd3b3 55. b4b5 Kd5 56. Rh4xh3 Kc5 57. Rh3xf3 Rb3b4 58. Rf3f5 Kb6 59. Rf5f6 Kc5 60. Rf6a6 Rb4d4 61. b5b6 Kc6 62. a4a5 Rd4d7 63. Ra6a8 Rd7b7 64. Ra8c8 Kb5 65. Rc8c7 Ka6 66. Rc7xb7 Kxb7 ]]]

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