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  Slip sliding away.


Chess rating: 1808

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Fri Feb 19 2016 11:40AM | MsgID: 18857553

When I read the thread title I thought it was a discussion about my rating!🤣


Chess rating: 1757
LCF 161 Fide approx. 2055

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United Kingdom
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Fri Feb 19 2016 12:05AM | MsgID: 18856961

A bit of scathing criticism for many of my moves 🤣

Interesting to see this game after quite some time.


Chess rating: 1735 Fide 2135
LCF 200 Fide approx. 2250
British Regional Master

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United Kingdom
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Thu Feb 18 2016 7:44PM | MsgID: 18856497

Hi all

I recommend the following annotation to be checked out and feedback given to the game annotator who is: Earl of Norfolk

Game quotation:

Slip sliding away.

Game introduction:

This game starts with an unsound sacrifice by Black, but a weak move by White (13.g3) gives Black the initiative for most of the game. Then White slowly regains equality until Black finally make a fatal mistake (37...b5). White then wraps up the game with a forced mate.

Game conclusions:

Black's main mistake in this game was not realising, until it was too late, which side of the board to play on.

Click here to view the annotation

Game: 7358852 | Play through

Best wishes