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  Socials, London, UK

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Give chess goodie
Sun Apr 24 2016 12:36AM | edited: 12:46:40 | MsgID: 18987280

Yes, we did hold socials in London, each August, for many years; and I was proud to be the organiser for the later years. You can see photos of those events in the picture gallery.

We've not held London socials recently, though, because the number of attendees was gradually decreasing, and not many wanted to stay for an evening meal. So it didn't seem fair to encourage people to come along to a social - whether from elsewhere in the UK or from elsewhere in the World - when it wasn't going to last for many hours. If it was an interlude in an already planned holiday, then fine; but I'd not have wanted anyone to come from a long way off just to attend the social.

But ... if there is a lot of interest again for such an event, I'd be delighted to organise it! There would be the opportunity to meet other friendly CW members across the board, maybe a chess quiz, and maybe even an unusual variation of chess to try your hand at, in between games! And definitely a meal in the evening, with a 'communal' chess game.

So, if you would like to see another London social, please either post here, or message me directly.

Ockendon - Site Admin


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United States
Give chess goodie
Sat Apr 23 2016 2:55AM | MsgID: 18985621

If there is a large amount of cold BEER, I'd love to attend...


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United Kingdom
Give chess goodie
Fri Apr 22 2016 6:09PM | MsgID: 18984906

I went to the last one. Seems like ages now.

Would be interested in attending if another was planned.


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United Kingdom
Give chess goodie
Fri Apr 22 2016 11:07AM | MsgID: 18984239

Do these still take place?
I've been on letsplaychess for a fair number of years and have seen them mentioned before but of late not so much??

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