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  RIP, Viktor Korchnoi


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Sun Jun 12 2016 4:12PM | MsgID: 19083722

I loved his play, often a mix of fighting positional ideas. He is a good model for those of us who are older, very strong player who sometimes showed the up and coming GMs that an old dog can learn new tricks and knows some devilish old ones.

Earl of Norfolk

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United States
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Mon Jun 6 2016 5:12PM | MsgID: 19072747

I never understood his playing style but loved his fighting spirit, especially in his matches with Karpov when his family was being virtually held hostage.


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Mon Jun 6 2016 4:18PM | MsgID: 19072658

Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi , 23 March 1931 - 6 June 2016) was a professional chess player, author and, until recently, the oldest active grandmaster on the tournament circuit. He is widely considered the strongest player never to have become World Chess Champion , twice runner up

he will be missed , been a great ambassador for chess