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  Invitation for an email team tournament


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Wed Mar 4 2015 4:22PM | MsgID: 18085445

Dear chess friends, email tournament.

DESC (Deutscher Email Schach Club) start his 16th team tournament.

The start is April 1st 2015 (no April Fool's joke).

If many teams participate, it will be an interesting open

Where do I sign up?

Submit your registration by March 19th 2015 the latest by email
tournament office ( with the following

1. Name of the team (chosen freely within the bounds of good taste)

2. organizations name (i.e. IECG, IECC etc.)

3. name, family name, emailaddress of all 4 players

4. team's lineup, 1. 4.

5. team captain's name, family name, and emailaddress (!)

Who to contact?

Contact for all questions about the tournament is the tournament
director Michael Müller-Töpler


More information can be found at the following link:

Kind regards

Your TD

Michael Müller-Töpler (muetoe)