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  hey, I thought the chess clock was my friend!


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Thu Oct 29 2015 12:32AM | edited: 12:49:45 | MsgID: 18608378

When playing in a competitive OTB match, I'm almost always well ahead on time; helped a great deal, I believe, by the experience of many hundreds of games on chessworld, and the wonderful CW 'analyse' board.

Often, this has helped me to a win, or a draw, when I was in the weaker position, as I've been able to plan my next move while my opponent was anxiously pondering as the seconds ticked away, and then pile on the pressure by responding almost immediately.

But in a recent game, I was literally seconds away from a draw - king and knight against king, rook and bishop - when my opponent spotted a checkmate at the last possible moment!

He was delighted - and very gracious in victory! - so I don't begrudge him the win. Oh, wait a moment ... yes I do!