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  Mason,James v. Maroczy,Geza - The Pawn Connection


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Sat Apr 9 2016 1:26PM | MsgID: 18958765

Hi all

I recommend the following annotation to be checked out and feedback given to the game annotator who is: CycloneGU

Game quotation:

The Pawn Connection

Game introduction:

The London International Chess Congress in 1899 featured 15 of the greatest chess players playing at the turn of the century. One of the players in the event was James Mason, who made his mark in 1876 by winning the Fourth American Congress in Philadelphia, and also defeated Henry Bird in an easily won match by a margin of 13-6. He continued to play in tournaments right up to his death on January 12, 1905.

Game conclusions:

Connected passed pawns did White in on this game and forced a loss of material. Mason may have been #1 in 1877, but he lost this game to a tactical error.

Click here to view the annotation

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Best wishes