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  8 player, 2000 max rating APA


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Thu Aug 30 2018 6:05PM | edited: 8:07:58 | MsgID: 19787160

I have organised an 8 player, 2000 maximum rating, all-play-all tournament at 1 day per move, for those interested.

It's a repeatable tournament, which means that once it is full, it will repeat and come up for more players to enroll, or re-enroll.

1st place earns you 2 norm points, while 2nd gives you 1 point.

You can find it at Play ... Latest Tournaments and named '2000'.

Join in on the fun!


Edit 1:

Information on norm awards can be found at:

My Stuff ... My Tournaments ... My Prizes button ... How Norms Are Awarded button.


Edit 2:

If this tournament is a success, I will upgrade it to a 13 player where 1st place gives you 3 norm points, 2nd, 2 points, and 3rd, 1 point.