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  queen pawn bishop opening


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United States
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Tue Jan 31 2017 10:47PM | MsgID: 19533573

1.d4 d5 2.Bf4 Bf5 is called both Mason's Variation and the Sarratt Attack. Main danger for black is if white follows up with 3.c4 and sets up a QGD, with black's b7 weakened. Black usually will go with 3...Bxb1 to keep the knight out of the center. Tends to lead to a thinking man's game--not particularly sharp, not wholly positional. There are a number of transpositions into more common QP openings that can be aimed at, the Slav not least amongst them. If 2...Bf5 isn't your cup of tea, 2...Nf6 is a reasonable alternative. Good luck and good chess!


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United Kingdom
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Mon Jan 30 2017 4:12PM | MsgID: 19530752

if someone starts with queens pawn and the bishop to f4, what''s a good defence against it?