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  Countoz: Remove friends from list


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Mon Nov 12 2018 3:24AM | MsgID: 19789080

I don't "Friend" people, but you're right. You should be able to remove people from your list.


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Mon Nov 12 2018 2:21AM | MsgID: 19789079

Dear Kingscrusher and Forum team.
Recently, I wrote to Kingscrusher about removing an unwanted friend from my friends list. The solution at that time, or compromise, was decided by Chess World to hide that particular friend in a back ground ghost zone.
Psychologically it was a pain in the butt looking at a friend on my list that was a stranger to me and now I am faced with double psychological stress from that particular stranger that is sits prominently disguised hauntingly as a ghost.
When I befriended Chatham1950 many years ago, it was merely for convenience only for that particular game and I did not know that by befriending him was a contract for life. Otherwise I would not have friended him. If Chatham1950 and I both agree to disconnect being friends, that should be our privacy right and be respected.
In saying so, it is my observation that this Chess World Site is lagging behind other Social Media organisations with privacy settings in choosing your friends or unchoosing your friends at a switch of a button.
Or is it just a case where the Forum Team is helpless in keeping with progress due to being over ruled by old fashioned management.
This morning I received a reminder to renew my membership. I request that Chatham1950 is removed as a friend completely from my friends list according to privacy needs otherwise I will not be renewing my membership. My request is just common sense. And also I wish to remind that I introduced 4 full members to Chess World. .