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  My First Tournament


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Wed May 1 2019 9:11PM | MsgID: 19792895

Hi Razor

I've played in a few tournaments over the years, but not many recently. I used to play OTB for a club and registered for the WRU via that club. This was I think compulsory but it allowed people to enter tournaments run by the WRU without too much hassle, and slightly cheaper. If you aren't a member of a club, or rather aren't registered to the appropriate body, then it should say on the entry forms whether you can still enter and what the conditions if any are eg over grading etc. Tournament play is losing its popularity in comparison to say 10 years ago so it is possible that the organisers will be only too pleased to help you out - they need the entrants.

As to the rest of it, it's down to individual preference. How far do you want to travel? How much do you want to pay? Who do you want to play against - much better players, similar strength or what? And is it a social thing eg a few days away from home for a few beers and a couple of semi serious games or do you want to use tournaments to improve rapidly? I was more for the social stuff so I wasn't too bothered about preparation. But I did like the tournaments where there were other chess related things going on eg a bookshop, a 'lecture' by one of the stronger players, that sort of thing.

It's probably quite easy to get a list of tournaments from your local chess federation. You could then phone up a couple and take it from there.


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United Kingdom
Give chess goodie
Thu Apr 18 2019 9:51PM | MsgID: 19792682

Hi all

I have recently got back into chess. I only really get to play online these days (May get the odd game OTB with the kids but I have only just started to teach them) I thought it might be a nice idea to try an OTB tournament maybe around September time. I live in the UK and I was wondering if anyone answers a couple of questions.

How to find and pick the correct event.
Do you need to be a member of a federation?
What to expect on the day.
How to prepare for the event.

Thanks for all the help in advance. I am considering writing a series of blog posts documenting my journey.

Let me know what you think.