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  Tactics puzzle ratings


Chess rating: 1953

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Mon Aug 12 2019 3:12PM | MsgID: 19794351

3.Rd8+ Kh7 4Qd1 g6

Comte de MonteCristo

Chess rating: 2527

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Sat Aug 10 2019 6:17PM | edited: 6:46:38 | MsgID: 19794317

Some chess sites have puzzles which have a rating varying with the success or otherwise of the players trying it. But the rating of a puzzle is sometimes extraordinary. This puzzle is an example and is rated about 1300 so it should be easy. One has only a few seconds in which to solve it, maybe 10 to do fairly well or 5 or less to do really well.

White to play and win (rating about 1300); Black has just played 1. ... Rh3. You have at most 10 seconds.

Analyse position

QUESTION. (1) What is the best play for white?

(2) Why is the rating of this problem so low?

Answer to (1) I saw straight away 2. Rd8+ (the only check) and if 2... Kh7 then 3. Qb1+ followed by Rxb8 wins white a rook. Therefore Black plays instead 2. Rd8+ Rxd8 3. Rxd8+ then Black has 3. ... Kh7. What then does White do?
I saw all this before making the first move and thought for ages and timidly played 2.Rd8+ Rxd8 3. Rxd8+ which is the correct answer to the puzzle which I obtained in I do not know how long but could not see any convincing sequel in the short time available.

In fact after Black plays 3. ... Kh7 there is only one move that gives White a winning position and it is 4. Qd1 and according to the computer white has checkmate in at most 6 moves. The move 4. Qb1+ leaves white a pawn down in an inferior position.