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  time spent on


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Sat Apr 9 2016 8:54PM | MsgID: 18959568

Could be 5 minutes, or an hour, depending on circumstances.

But I do this several times per day, every day.


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United States
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Sat Apr 9 2016 4:26PM | MsgID: 18959075

It depends on a number of factors, but i would say i tend to logon for 5-20 mins.


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Give chess goodie
Sat Apr 9 2016 3:32PM | MsgID: 18958969

If you check "Community- Members OnLine Now" you'll see a relatively modest number. Then if you look at "online in the last hour" the number shows 8 or 10 times more people as having been logged on. So do MOST members only logon, get their opponent's moves, and then log off right away ? How much time do YOU spend looking aroung this website?