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Chess World Online Chess Forum - Monkeying around with the Orangutan.

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  Monkeying around with the Orangutan.


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Wed Apr 26 2017 8:02AM | MsgID: 19700008

The word is derived from the Malay and Indonesian languages meaning person of the forest and originally referred to forest dwelling people and not the ape.


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United States
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Wed Apr 26 2017 3:21AM | MsgID: 19699806

Actually orangutans belong in the 'Ape' family, along with humans. 😊


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Tue Apr 25 2017 11:18AM | MsgID: 19698340

Hi all

I recommend the following annotation to be checked out and feedback given to the game annotator who is: Earl of Norfolk

Game quotation:

Monkeying around with the Orangutan.

Game introduction:

I generally have good results against the Orangutan Opening (1.b4), but in this game I come close to losing. A Queen sacrifice is then needed just to obtain a draw.

Game conclusions:

Even in so-called "quiet" openings, one has to be on the look-out for tactical possibilities. White's slow, quiet buildup almost won him the game.

Click here to view the annotation

Game: 5252466 | Play through

Best wishes