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  New rules approved


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Tue May 23 2017 9:28AM | MsgID: 19749523

Both are new.

Ramesh 2.0

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Tue May 23 2017 1:31AM | MsgID: 19749154

I see two 10 move rules:

" Section 7 (Irregularities)
7.3 If a game has started with colours reversed then, if less than 10 moves have been made by both players, it shall be discontinued and a new game played with the correct colours. After 10 moves or more, the game shall continue."


"Appendix A (Rapid Chess)

Section 4
A.4 Otherwise the following apply:
A.4.1 From the initial position, once 10 moves have been completed by each player,
A.4.1.1 no change can be made to the clock setting, unless the schedule of the event
would be adversely affected"

Which one are you referring to?


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Mon May 22 2017 10:47PM | MsgID: 19748970

FIDE published new set of rules:
They will be valid from 1.07.2017
The most interesting one is 10 moves rule.