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Give chess goodie
Sat Mar 30 2019 9:26PM | edited: 9:28:08 | MsgID: 19792147

Not complicated.
Member creates Tourney and sets Parameters.
Then hits invite friends.
The two do not match and the site cannot spot that
Its another basic flaw nothing more.


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Give chess goodie
Sat Mar 30 2019 5:20PM | edited: 5:38:44 | MsgID: 19792145

I would second that. Read somewhere that memory is a unreliable resource but used to enjoy the old days of CC when ratings were considered to be an afterthought.

Not sure why these Tournaments are being sent out to opponents(myself included) when the parameters are not met but finding the experience frustrating and is the cause of why I blocked all invitations.


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Give chess goodie
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Sat Mar 30 2019 5:03PM | MsgID: 19792144


Got an ivitation to join a tournement but if i want to accept it : i can't because mi rating is to low..!!
Why is rating made so important?!?
And why do i get an ivitation with such an restricition and mi rating ??!!

Groet Rein.