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  Best chance for chess success imo is...


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Mon Mar 21 2016 9:34PM | MsgID: 18921178

I am still a little uncertain about this E4 Thing as best....

Bishop out first and I have a whole new game and theory!


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Mon Mar 21 2016 5:01PM | MsgID: 18920597

Picture your ideal position. Now make like picture.


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Sun Mar 20 2016 7:12PM | edited: 8:09:17 | MsgID: 18918784

(1) tactics - study lots of combinations (2) learn to ask yourself questions (a) why did my opponent do that (maybe look at the board from their side (b) what pieces are loose or overworked (c) what pieces are lined up (pinned, pinnable, skewers...) (3) when possible look for moves that are multi-purpose (attack and defend) (4) if no other plan occurs to you consider how you can improve the position of the piece on your side whose pos you like least (5) consider just foiling your opponents plans - frustration breeds errors (6) think about opening you don't like when your opponent plays them and learn to play them yourself - - - - - edit - have fun!! it is a battle of ideas and a game, forgive yourself when you screw up


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Sun Mar 20 2016 5:11PM | MsgID: 18918531

That will work to some degree, but you will find that sometimes your opponents take you into waters you have studied. There are a few set ups where you can try to ignore what the other side is doing, but generally it is difficult to do that at some point in the game. Of course by then you may be out of the opening (or at least the part that you know).😊


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Sun Mar 20 2016 4:48PM | MsgID: 18918477

fully learn and only play one opening 😊