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United Kingdom
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Thu Jun 18 2015 10:11AM | edited: 10:12:45 | MsgID: 18322009

You could also try

Chess Assistant: This strong database management, playing and analysis tool includes Houdini 4, you can add Stockfish, massive databases, a chess opening encyclopedia, 7-man Lomonosov tablebases and more! Or you could try the more complicated Chessok Aquarium.


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Tue Jun 16 2015 2:01PM | MsgID: 18318216

I would have said save your money and discover the power of SCID sufficient for a server such as and harnesses the power of Stockfish as the main engine of choice. Fritz 14 has recently suffered a LOT OF BAD REVIEWS due to change of the programmer. However. if you are staying with Fritz try Fritz 12 and not Fritz 14.


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United Kingdom
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Tue Jun 16 2015 6:22AM | edited: 6:23:18 | MsgID: 18317240

Thanks to you both, from the sound of it Fritz will do the job


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United States
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Mon Jun 15 2015 11:40PM | edited: 3:40:06 | MsgID: 18316923

Get Fritz, whatever version it's up to now. I've used Fritz 9 since it came out in 2006, and am still very happy with it. If you want to view your games in a "tree" format or do some publishing, you might want to spend a little more and get Chessbase. The world's top players tend to use both Chessbase and the Fritz engine, based on what I've read.

P.S. Chessmaster is more for casual players in my opinion, but it does have a lot of nice tutorials. (I also own Chessmaster 9000.)

Edit: Sorry, I forgot that you wanted to be able do some opening training. Chessbase doesn't have that.


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Mon Jun 15 2015 11:31PM | MsgID: 18316900

If I were you, I would try with Fritz, or Chesmaster Grand Edition. However, visit
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United Kingdom
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Mon Jun 15 2015 12:47PM | MsgID: 18315539

I am returning to chess after quite a long break. I was never a very strong player (around 1500) and there was only really pretty basic chess programs around when I was playing.
My question is; what program should I buy out of all those currently available.
I would like to:
Store my own games quickly and easily including inputting OTB games
Analyse positions
Play rated games but where I can set the strength
Learn specific openings and responses to openings
Cost is not an issue as I have money to spend but I would like something that meets all of my requirements and more, preferably in one program but I am prepared to take advice.
Thanks in advance