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Wed May 27 2015 4:50PM | MsgID: 18274657

Am I cheating .?.?. Idonthinkso...
I have involved myself in the discussion (another tread in this forum) on the use of computer programs. It is not allowed according to the web-page playing rules. Myself I use statistics (available online) for the openings (I think statistics is really the best if available). And .... here comes the perhaps controversial part. I have programmed an evaluation function to use in complicated positions to make my analysis of positions more efficient. I can copy the FEN notation from the analysis board into the function and I get a number out of it. The function is my own, but it is of course a result of theory, experience and advise available in textbooks and online. It represent how I myself will evaluate a position if I had the time and systematic spirit to do it thoroughly. It makes it possible for me to test out the end positions in a number of self-defined possible lines comparing the starting position with the end position. There are a some strategic issues it does not include (to difficult for me to put in) and which I must consider manually. I do not consider this to be "illegal" assistance on this page and in correspondence chess in general. But am I right? It is all how I evaluate (including open available advise) and just make sure that I complete the analysis with all these factors each time I choose to use it. It does not recommend to me any "next move". It just return to me a number reflecting a position I myself must design (it cannot tell me how to arrive at that position - the line is my own "responsibility" -it may even include serious blunders!). I am using a computer, but no "program". Am I within or outside of this web-page rules?