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Sat Dec 26 2015 9:17PM | MsgID: 18738688

Post Traumatic Chess Disorder. It's why I go hiking.


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Sat Dec 26 2015 3:15AM | MsgID: 18737156

I have noticed this in my chess.

When the weather here in PA is warm enough for me to get out bass fishing in my canoe, my chess strength goes down. Of course I am sure that is helped by my interest in chess taking a back seat to bass fishing and other outdoor stuff.
It seems that by mid summer I play lackluster, the board is "foggy" and the results are drab. My chess ability feels weak.

Once I put the canoe away, my strength rises again. As the weeks off the water add up my game strength goes up. I enter a phase of no fear, I "see" the board, I have "aha, I see what you are doing" moments, I have the ability to unload haymakers - deadly combinations. My chess ability feels strong.

Just a personal observation. Does anyone else experience this?