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Chess World Online Chess Forum - Second best move - what rating?

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  Second best move - what rating?


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United States
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Tue Jun 20 2017 8:31PM | MsgID: 19775293

The 2nd or even 1st best move can only be made if you have an understanding of the plans and objectives behing the move, which computers cannot do.For example GM Alexander Grischuk has championed the following black defence to the Queens Gambit Declined; 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4!? and now after 4.Nf3 dc4! which an engine would probably consider bad yet 10 moves later Grischuk has a beautiful version of the Noteboom Slav.See NCO for the many interesting transpositional possibilities after 3...Bb4!?😊


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United Kingdom
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Sun Jun 18 2017 9:40PM | MsgID: 19775251

Interesting suggestion.

I believe there are positions where there is only one good move to play and thus the second best move is a mistake.

This includes not recapturing a piece or responding to a check in the wrong way.

I wonder how long the computer would last.


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South Africa
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Sun Jun 18 2017 9:27PM | MsgID: 19775249


What rating distribution would a good chess computer achieve on chessworld if it was set to always play the second best available move (based on statistics) over, say, 1000 games? I suspect this has already been done through bots etc. but interested in the results.