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Fri Nov 16 2007 2:43AM | MsgID: 8025151

If you want to download something to use on your own computer try looking at Xboard/Winboard

Earl of Norfolk

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Mon Nov 12 2007 3:58PM | MsgID: 8000609

Yes, there is an analysis board you can use by clicking on the "Analyse" button to the right of the gameboard, or the "Play through game" button will also bring up an analysis board. However, I believe these features are only available to full members.


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Mon Nov 12 2007 3:51PM | MsgID: 8000556

apologies if this may have been posted before, but is there somewhere on the web where a 'dummy board' can be set up. i.e. set up to a current position in a game and move the pieces a few times to 'see where it is going'