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  Simkhovich 1922


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Tue Dec 27 2005 11:56PM | MsgID: 3247434

That's pretty funny... you basically sit there and think now what looks like the most ridiculous move in this position then look for a variation on the theme... inevitably missed the final move though.



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Sat Oct 29 2005 3:29PM | edited: 3:35:29 | MsgID: 2869346

Hi all

Recently the composer named F.M. Simkhovich has caught my attention. He was a composer of chess problems and endgame studies in the Soviet Union from 1913 to 1941. He is particularly well known for the theme of the positional draw. Here is an example of one of his compositions:

Composer: Simkhovich
Theme: 1922
Stipulation: White to play and draw

Puzzle Challenge #856 set by kingscrusher

Solve the position using the Interactive board below. Click on a piece to move it, then click destination square