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Chess rating: 1812

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Give chess goodie
Tue Dec 5 2017 6:17PM | MsgID: 19778599

A similar question was posted:
"Q. Why does an old game keep appearing as soon as I log in?

A. You need to make sure you are logging in to the site via or without any other URL information attached.

It is likely that you have bookmarked a page or are using, for example, the following type of URL:-
where 'nnnnnnn' is the game number. To avoid the old game coming back you need to use either or as your bookmark.

If all of your current games are awaiting moves by your opponents, the last game board that you visited will be displayed on the screen. "

I hope that helps.
Ramesh 2.0 - Site Admin

Hoping the aid provided in that instance helps with the one in this thread.


Chess rating: 1899

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Give chess goodie
Tue Dec 5 2017 9:43AM | MsgID: 19778576

Sure this has been asked and answered before but I cannot remember.

When you go to the play page and have no games you get some seemingly random old game, but the same one each time. Why is this?

Secondly can you change it? Mine is now a relatively recent one and I know I had a different one for sometime before that so there must be something that triggers it?

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