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Name search: Crawley
Candidate Player Homepages
PlayerGamesMin YearMax YearMin EloMax Elo
Crawley1 1984 1984 0 0
Crawley,A1 1995 1995  
Crawley,Anthony4 1998 2008 0 0
Crawley,G9 2009 2009 2407 2407
Crawley,Gavin144 1984 2000 0 2400

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Game MovesResultYearEventOpening or Custom Tags
Crawley vs. Anderton   411-0London Classic FIDE Open
Crawley vs. Osborne   501-0London Classic FIDE Open
Crawley vs. Hammer   570-1London Classic FIDE Open
Crawley vs. Britton   281-0London Classic FIDE Open
Crawley vs. Clarke   181-0London Classic FIDE Open
Crawley vs. Bady   62drawWorld Open
Crawley vs. Hassan   450-1Tanta City EGY
Crawley vs. Mortazavi   40drawBlackpool
Crawley vs. Garwell   391-0Plymouth
Crawley vs. Kohlweyer   450-1Groningen
Crawley vs. Dizdarevic   53drawBelgrade
Crawley vs. Conquest   380-1Plymouth
Crawley vs. Knox   62drawBlackpool
Crawley vs. Motwani   60drawPlymouth
Crawley vs. Michalet   500-1Groningen
Crawley vs. Campora   11drawBelgrade
Crawley vs. Lund   351-0Blackpool
Crawley vs. Quillan   360-1Blackpool
Crawley vs. Rahman   271-0Tanta City EGY
Crawley vs. Rogers   19drawBlackpool
Crawley vs. Murugan   711-0Plymouth
Crawley vs. Conquest   200-1Copenhagen
Crawley vs. Strikovic   520-1Belgrade
Crawley vs. Kalod   29drawTanta City EGY
Crawley vs. Simic   360-1Belgrade
Crawley vs. Stratmann   31drawGroningen
Crawley vs. Roeschlau   261-0Groningen
Crawley vs. Gurevich   580-1Groningen
Crawley vs. Hodgson   340-1Plymouth
Crawley vs. Crouch   46drawMillfield ENG
Crawley vs. Carton   321-0Blackpool
Crawley vs. Barua   401-0Plymouth
Crawley vs. Buckley   56drawMillfield ENG
Crawley vs. Broomfield   311-0Millfield ENG
Crawley vs. Lalic   95drawBCF-ch
Crawley vs. Arkell   581-0BCF-ch
Crawley vs. Raisa   411-0Lloyds Bank op
Crawley vs. Dochev   501-03rd Open
Crawley vs. Wojtkiewicz   310-1Cardoza US Open
Crawley vs. Huebner   46drawLugano op
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Chessworld thanks all chess game archivists who conscientiously create PGN files which become freely available on the Internet. Many thanks particularly to the work of John Saunders who in 1997 started the country-game archiving revolution with Britbase. Also a special thanks to Mark Crowther with the Week In Chess (TWIC) who week after week creates PGN files of every major tournament. Many thanks also to those players with neat handwriting who make the job of the archivists much easier to try and decipher what moves they actually played! A big thanks also to for an excellent set of PGN tools which help reap the power of the PGN standard!