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Brilliant Games of Chess - 'Must See Classics!'

Brilliancy Games (39834)The Immortal 'Must See' Game Collection (4873)Most brilliant moves of all time (1897)
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Magnus Carlsen

'The Mozart of Chess' - 2013 World Champion

Magnus Carlsen (8629)

Chess Traps

Sometimes you can win using a Trap against an unsuspecting opponent

Chess Opening Traps (597)

Classic Fischer Chess Tournaments

High profile events which Fischer played in.

Fischer Memorable Games (8222)Fischers 11-0 Whitewash in 1963 US Championship (2010)Fischer vs Spassky match of 1972 (7993)
Fischer Classic Games (7072)Fischer 1970 Herceg Blitz Tournament (397)Fischer-Spassky 1992 Return Match (13)

Fantastic tournaments where Super Grandmasters have played each other

London World Championship Candidates 2013 London Chess Classic 2012 Tata Steel 2013

Correspondence Chess

Quality Chess where games can last for weeks or even months and years! Correspondence Chess (105) Instructive Correspondence Games (174) Rest of World Consultation Matches (96)

Chess Evolution of Style

Diagram courtesy of Michael Chukwuma Mkpad
Kasparov writes recently (2013) for :

'Chess history is best viewed through the game's evolution: the Romantic Era of the 19th century, the Hypermodernism of the early 20th, the post--World War II dominance of the Soviet School. The elite chess players of today are of no school. They hail from all over the world, as illustrated by current world champion Viswanathan Anand of India and young Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, who is due to challenge Anand for the championship this year'

Videos exploring how Style has changed across the hundreds of years the game has evolved

Evolution of Style Series Youtube Playlist
(includes many past World Championship games) (8385)

Evolution of Style Series ChessWorld Playlist Page

World Chess Championship 2012 (2431)
World Chess Championship 2010
World Chess Championship 2008 (779)
World Chess Championship 2007

FIDE World Champions

Classical FIDE World Champions. Please note that there are interactive training resources like 'Play like the Masters' at available to Full Members on the Improve Menu Option

Steinitz 'The Defender'
- 1886 to 1894

Lasker 'The Fighter'
1894 to 1921

Capablanca 'Simply - the best'
1921 to 1927

Alekhine 'The Destroyer'
1927 to 1935; 1937 to 1946

Euwe 'The Theorist'
1935 to 1937
Botvinnik 'The Worker'
1948 to 1957; 1958 to 1960; 1961 to 1963

Smyslov 'The Finisher'
1957 to 1958

Tal 'The Magician'
1960 to 1961

Petrosian 'The Manoeverer'
1963 to 1969

Spassky 'The Attacker'
1969 to 1972

Fischer 'The Analyser'
1972 to 1975

Karpov 'Kalm, Kool and Kollected'
1975 to 1985; 1993-1999

Kasparov 'The Killer'
1985 to 1993

Topalov 'The Gambler'

Kramnik 'The Survivor'
2006 to 2007

Anand 'The Intuitive Indian'
2000-2002; 2007-2013

Magnus 'The Mozart of Chess'
2013 to present

Uncrowned Kings

Those players who didn't quite make it to become World Chess Champion but were still absolutely World class

Morphy 'The American Genius' (1041)
Nimzovich 'The Eccentric' (693)
Korchnoi 'The Rebel' (440)
Keres 'The Artist' (300)
Larsen 'The Dane who dared' (286)
Rubinstein 'The Thinker' (79)
Bronstein 'The Improviser' (457)

Other Interesting Players:

Players who have played many instructive and beautiful and entertaining games.

Adams 'The British Bulldog' (469)
Aronian 'Levon the Destroyer' (2452)
Carlsen 'The Clever Kid' (8629)
Topalov 'The Gambler' (742)
Vassily Ivanchuk 'Different Planet' (1576)
Peter Svidler 'On the Roof' (177)
Natalia Pogonina 'Beauty and Brains' (596)
Nigel Short 'The Professional' (505)
Anish Giri' 'New Netherlands Super GM' (293)
Fabiana Caruana' 'Italian Super GM' (474)
Nakamura 'The Entertainer' (1957)
Nezhmetdinov 'The Sacrificer' (1605)
Shirov 'Board on Fire' (360)
Morozevich 'The Creative' (586)
Grischuk 'Another dangerous Chuk' (81)
Kamsky 'The Comeback GM' (128)
Gelfand 'The veteran that challenged Anand' (308)
Wesley So 'top Filipino prodigy' (800)
Peter Leko 'Hungarian prodigy' (153)
Dr John Nunn 'The Doctor' (587)
Pillsbury 'The Planner' (130)
Karjakin 'Another clever kid' (192)
Judit Polgar 'The Lady's not for turning' (929)
Yifan Hou 'Chines Womens World Champion 2012' (290)
Radjabov 'The Azeri Attacker' (204)
Simon Williams 'New British Talent' (489)
David Howell 'New British Talent' (76)
Luke McShane 'New British Talent' (214)
Jon Speelman 'Speelwolf' (108)
Gawain Jonee 'Up and coming'(820)

Not GMs but interesting players

Not just GMs can play interesting great games :)

British IM Jack Rudd (188)
British IM Andrew Webster (83)
Paul Georghiou (148)

Interesting Online ICC Opponents

Kingscrusher's most high profile or interesting ICC opponents

The YARDBIRD collection (GM Eric Lobron) (1535) Nakamura (3290)

ICC Live Commentary Games by Season Historically

Kingscrusher's games by Season on the ICC with live commentary

Scalp Alerts! (7266)

Youtube Playlist 1-200 (873)
Youtube Playlist 201-400 (4627)
Youtube Playlist 401-600 (824)
Youtube Playlist 601-800 (1) (758)
Youtube Playlist 801-1000 (61) (1444)

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

Youtube Playlist 1001-1200 (1321)
Youtube Playlist 1201-1400 (1007)
Youtube Playlist 1401-1600 (1175)
Youtube Playlist 1601-1800 (1834)

Season 5
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Youtube Playlist 1801-2000 (4715)

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Kingscrusher Games

Instructive Over the Board Games often annotated the very next day after a game has finished!

Kingscrusher's OTB Games Annotated #1 (1115) Kingscrusher's OTB Games Annotated #2 (320)

Unusual Systems for White

These systems can take the opponent by Suprise and put White in their own preparation comfort zone!

The Nimzo-Larsen Attack System (843)
The Bird's Opening (1.f4) (629)

Chess Openings after 1.e4 - White Systems perspective

1.d4 is often favoured over 1.e4 nowadays by GMs and Club players alike for being less theoretically analysed

The Kings Gambit collection (3291)
The Ruy Lopez (Spanish Game) Collection (594)
The Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian Collection (1425)
The Kings Indian Attack Collection (1944)
The Scotch Game Collection (1214)
The Scotch Gambit Collection (105)
The Vienna Game Collection (1256)
The Evans Gambit Collection (203)

Chess Openings after 1.e4 - Black Systems perspective

Although Black has the disadvantage of not having the first move, it is often easier to prepare as black your own defences!

The Caro-Kann Defence Collection (642)
The French Defence Collection (611)
The Pirc Defence Collection (305)
The Sicilian Najdorf Collection (2823)
The Sicilian Dragon Collection (1356)
Sicilian Defence Instructive Games (1096)

Chess Openings after 1.d4 - White systems perspective

White Systems with 1.d4 to keep it on your own territory and avoid the opponent's pet lines!

The Torre Attack Collection (247)
The Trompovsky Attack Collection (245)

Chess Openings after 1.d4 - Black systems perspective

Many Indian systems have evolved over the years to help fight 1.d4

The Slav Defence (QGD variation) (461)
The Albin Counter Gambit Collection (1106)
The Kings Indian Defence Collection (2259)
The Benko Gambit collection (1063)
The Nimzo Indian Collection (336)
The Queens Indian Defence Collection (280)
The Queens Gambit Declined Collection (361)
The Grunfeld Defence Collection (386)
The Dutch Defence Collection (413)

The English Opening (1.c4)

The English opening is becoming increasingly popular at all levels to get a less theoretically analysed game and play on one's own resources!

The English Opening Collection (621)

Classic Kasparov Chess Tournaments

Major high level Tournaments that Kasparov played in.

Linares 1991 tournament (237)
Linares 1992 Chess tournament (156)
Kasparov at Chess Olympiads (137)

Chess Puzzles

Interactive chess puzzles are known to help improve one's tactical mastery!

Chess Puzzles (207)

Computer Chess

Computers have improved leaps and bounds over the years, and now can beat OTB Grandmasters quite easily and regularly.

Rybka vs Houdini Match Games (970)
Man vs Computer Matches (209)
Computer Chess (896)

Chess Pawn Structures - 'The Pawns are the Soul of Chess' - Philidor

Understanding the pawn structure can give one a great head start when forming a longer-term plan.

Chess Pawn Structures (271)


A state of the art browser-based online playing site for bullet, blitz and Rapid time controls.

Chesscube Warzone Tournaments (562)
Kingscrusher Cafe Consultation Games (124)
Chesscube Daily Warzone Finals

Chess Philosophical Questions

These videos ask searching and important chess questions!

Chess Philosophical Questions (2964)

Kingscrusher Miscellaneous

Kingscrusher makes use of his Iphone for sometimes non-chess videos, or interviewing players.

Cartoons (215)
Kingscrusher's Dog (50)
Nature and Observation Clips (126)
Kingscrusher Interviews (187)
Kingscrusher Radio Shows (typically 1 hour each) (410)
Dual commentary videos (452)

Chess Middlegame Themes

The Middlegame is arguably where most games are won or lost!

The Knight on d5 Outpost theme (47)
Middlegame Theories (897)

Chess Endgame Themes

Capablanca has recommended mastery of the Endgame as the first priority!

King and Pawn Endgames (125)
Rook and Pawn Endgames (107)

Video Spreadsheet of Most Favoured Videos

Spreadsheet (Google document)