Chessworld Welcome Pack Videos

Candidate Master (CM) Tryfon Gavriel aka Kingscrusher - pioneering with Chessworld and the youtube channel at has lots of entertaining live commentary games, opening videos, news report videos, etc. A new style of chess - for entertainment is a throwback to the Romantic era of chess, when combinations and speculative sacrifices pleased the crowd. But now, it is just online, so it's a bigger crowd than the old cafes of the past such as 'the Cafe de La Reagance' :)

The fun experience of many games waiting one's turn
20 key Benefits of Chessworld Style Chess
The Benefits of Correspondence Style chess (non-video version)
Background to correspondence style chess by Majnu
Playing 28 correspondence style moves!
Playing 35 correspondence syle moves!
Free Mini Tournaments at Chessworld!

Chessworld Socials in real life
Way back in 2006 - Convent Garden!
A fun consultation game played at a Social

How Correspondence chess has created major chess opening names
The earliest French defence game - by correspondence!

High Quality Annotated Chessworld games
The power of the two bishops by 'FatandMad'

Other High Quality Annotated Correspondence Games
Ivar Bern (who played a rest of world game at Chessworld) vs Oosterom
Oosterom vs Timmerman