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When it is your turn to move you will see either     White    to move   or     Black    to move   below your name, depending upon which color you are playing with, on the game board. As a further reminder you may also see a note below the game board which tells you to Click on [color] piece you wish to move then click where you want to move it to where [color] is the color that you are playing with.

Assuming that it is your turn to move ( ! ) select a piece, click on it, then click on the square to which you want to move the piece, then click  Confirm . You may change to 'drag-and-drop' moving by visiting My Stuff ... My Moves and selecting the appropriate option in the Piece Movement Style section.

If you wish to castle, move the King only and then click  Confirm . The Rook will be moved automatically.

If you can't move at all, or the board doesn't display properly, you may need to refresh your screen or delete your 'Temporary Internet Files'.   You can find helpful information on these procedures for popular browsers in the Computer section of the General FAQs.

If your opponent doesn't move within the time limit a  Claim Win  button will appear next to the board for you to click - if you wish. The button will not be available while your opponent is on holiday.

If you require further information please refer to Q. What are fixed Time Limits? in the Time Limits FAQ's and Q. How can I claim a win? in the Playing on ChessWorld section of the Chess FAQ's

A game classed as T-T is considered as Game Abandoned and therefore does not count for ratings.

Tournament games will time out if neither player makes a move, (or claims a win), within ((2 x time limit) + 1) days, for example, 11 days for a 5 day per move tournament. This limit is subject to a minimum of a further five days after the player to move has returned from holiday. Games cannot time out while either player is on holiday.

The process of invoking T-T status is normally run a weekly basis so that it is possible that the nominal T-T limit may be extended. This variation is subject to fluctuation and in no circumstances should it be assumed that there is any extra time allowance. In certain situations Admin may invoke the process manually.

In exceptional circumstances, depending upon the current progress within the Tournament, Admin may reinstate your game(s):
  -   in such cases you should contact the HelpDesk with the game number(s) and any relevant details. In addition we expect you to ask your opponent to make it clear to us that they agree with your request. You should be aware that a decision to reinstate a game cannot be made unilaterally - we always need the specific agreement of your opponent before we take any action.
  -   no game(s) will be reinstated if such reinstatement would change or affect the final results and/or placings within the Tournament.

Please read Q. How are Ratings calculated? in the Ratings FAQ for a full explanation. When playing against provisionally rated players, you may only receive minimal points for a win due to the K-factor adjustment, which is fully documented in that FAQ.

The Rating system is designed to be as fair as possible to all players. Once players have passed the provisonal threshold of 50 games, the calculations are based upon well-proven standards and remain consistent regardless of the number of games that have been played subsequently.

Please check that your current Email address is shown correctly under My Stuff ... My Email and that the appropriate box is ticked.

Due to factors beyond our control, (for example, security settings on your PC, Spam filters or Junk file settings within your email client, and, if you are using a computer at your place of employment, the policy on incoming Emails), we cannot guarantee that you will always receive notification when your Opponent has moved.

We strongly recommend that you log in to the site regularly to check your games.

For more detailed information please refer to the Email section of the General FAQ's

To avoid a finished game re-appearing you should login using just or

For a more detailed explanation refer to Q. Why does an old game keep appearing as soon as I log in? in the Playing on ChessWorld section of the Chess FAQ's.

ChessWorld offers a number of different, browser neutral, options for the choice of Analysis Board. These may be selected via the My Stuff ... My Interface page.

To cater for any Member who may still be using an old version of Internet Explorer, (version 8 and earlier), we offer two specific options; these options have no functionality in later releases of Internet Explorer or in any other browser.

Completed Tournaments are identified at approximately weekly intervals. You will be awarded your Norm, and possibly a new Trophy, at that time.

Unfortunately we can only accept subscription payments through one of our approved Service Agents.

PayPal and WorldPay are highly respected International providers and treat all transactions and your personal details in a highly secure enviroment; they do not pass any such details to us or to any other third party.

Both PayPal and Worldpay accept a variety of both Credit and Debit cards, depending upon your location. If you experience any difficulty in making payment to our Agents please, in the first instance, contact them to confirm that your Credit or Debit card is acceptable.

See the following FAQ's for detailed information. . .

. . . or, for any other topics, see the relevant FAQ pages.                     

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