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ChessWorld - Conditional Moves FAQ's

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*** The full functionality of the Conditional, ('If ... then'), Moves feature is only available to Full Members. ***

They are moves that you can enter, when you have finished your current move, which anticipate your opponent's reply.

For example, if you have just played Nxp and you think your opponent will play an obvious recapture, then you could create a Conditional, ('If ... then'), move sequence as an immediate response.

Before you can use the Conditional Moves feature there are three important steps to configure your Play page.

  - Make sure that you are using the Tabbed style interface.
  If necessary, you can configure your display from the My Stuff ... My Interface page.

  - Go to the My Stuff ... My Moves page, and select up to 5 rows for Conditional moves.
  We recommend starting with just one or two Conditional moves.

  - On the same page uncheck the  I do NOT want to receive or send conditional (if-then) moves  option.

After making and confirming your move, you will see, under the  Conditionals  tab, (the  If  tab if you are using the smaller message box option), your pre-set number of Conditional moves entry rows.

Click on the  . . .  box at the end of the chosen row, which will then pop-up a mini-chessboard. As a confirmation that the moves are in anticipation of your opponent, the board will display [color] to move, where [color] identifies the pieces of your opponent. You can enter moves by clicking on a piece and then clicking on the intended destination square. If the mini-board is too small you can easily enlarge it by clicking and dragging on any corner.

Enter your proposed moves, and then press  OK . The moves, as entered, will appear on one of the Conditional move rows, highlighted by a pink background shade. Repeat the process to respond to any other anticipated moves by your opponent. If you have made an error and you wish to correct your move, just click the  Clear  button on the relevant Conditional move row.

Finally, to confirm your moves, press the  Submit  button underneath the Conditional move rows. After the moves are recorded the pink background colour will be replaced by your default background colour, leaving your proposed Conditional moves visible on your game board for reference.

Be aware that the notation shown on the mini-board is different to the notation shown in the Conditional moves box, and neither of these may match your game move-log display. It is not possible to change these notation styles.

When your opponent replies, and assuming that he/she has played one of your anticipated moves, the Conditional move reference boxes will clear ready for you to make your move and continue the game.

Each row represents a different variation.

For example, say that you have played 1.e4 and then want to set up your response to some of the moves that you anticipate your opponent will make.

You could make the first row: c5 Nf3 to anticipate a Sicilian, and make the second row c6 d4 to anticipate a Caro-Kann.

If your move has been anticipated by your opponent then, as soon as you submit your move, the game board will refresh and display a message at the top of screen, for example:
    Your move has triggered the following conditional reply from your opponent: b8c6

Once you submit your move your game board will refresh to show the new position and one or more empty Conditional move boxes ready for your use. The number of boxes that will appear will depend upon how you configured your requirements, as described above.

No. Any anticipated moves, and your responses to them, are only visible to you. If they respond to one of your anticipated moves, then, and only then, will they be aware that you had pre-planned your counter-move.

You can do this by visiting the My Stuff ... My Moves page and checking the I do NOT want to receive or send conditional (if-then) moves box.

To use the Conditional move feature it is essential that both players have unchecked that box. It is not possible for a player to make unilateral conditional moves.

Nothing, you can stop receiving Conditional moves at any time. Simply go to the My Stuff ... My Moves page and check the I do NOT want to receive or send conditional (if-then) moves box. The game will still continue as normal, but your opponent will no longer be able to see the Conditional moves boxes on their game board.

No. You can enter, and submit, a sequence of moves that will lead up to checkmate. However, when your opponent replies with your anticipated move the final move will not be invoked. When you are notified that it is your move, you can then play the final move, as intended, manually and gain the win.

The Conditional Moves feature works on all current browsers using their default configuration. However, if you have made any changes or you have installed some pop-up blocking software you may need to revise your configuration(s).

If you still cannot use the Conditional Moves feature, and you are sure that you have followed the steps in Q. How do I create Conditional moves? above, please contact the HelpDesk for further advice.

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