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Chess Courses


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Chess Strategy and Tactics: Emanuel Lasker's Amazing Games (New!)

Emanuel Lasker's most instructive games of Chess 1889-1899 - The Longest reigning World Chess Champion for 27 years

27 sections • 198 lectures • 38h 17m total length

Crush the Sicilian Defence Chess Opening: Smith-Morra Gambit (New!)

Win against the Sicilian Defence using the Smith-Morra Gambit and master Attacking Chess and Tactics in the process

24 sections • 163 lectures • 27h 17m total length

Chess Strategy and Tactics:Tigran Petrosian's amazing games 

Learn important strategies and tactics from Tigran Petrosian aka 'Iron Tigran' - the 9th World Chess Champion

41 sections • 163 lectures • 28h 16m total length

Chess Strategy and Tactics:Mikhail Tal's amazing games 

Masterpieces of Strategy and Tactics which can be appreciated by studying the amazing games of Mikhail Tal

44 sections • 209 lectures • 34h 6m total length

Chess Strategy and Tactics: Paul Morphy's amazing games 

Learn important strategies and tactics from the genius of Paul Morphy - the unofficial world chess champion of his day

8 sections • 151 lectures • 20h 30m total length

Chess Openings: Beating the Caro-Kann with Tricks and Traps 

A variety of different systems for beating the Caro-Kann defence with amazing tactics, tricks, traps, and quick zaps

20 sections • 163 lectures • 13h 15m total length

A fun lover's guide to Chess Opening Traps: French Defence 

All the Instructive and funny blunders, Tricks, Traps and Quick Zaps one should be aware of in the French Defence

45 sections • 156 lectures • 12h 11m total length

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Chess 

A guide to chess for complete and absolute beginners to begin to enjoy and love the game

30 sections • 431 lectures • 40h 43m total length

The Complete Guide to Chess Tactics (Udemy BEST SELLER)

Chess Tactics, Calculation and Pattern recognition skills that will enable you create beautiful winning combinations

13 sections • 276 lectures • 21h 30m total length

Kingscrusher's Chess Tactics Training - Volume 1

Train your ability to calculate, visualise and evaluate chess positions

5 sections • 626 lectures • 20h 30m total length

The London System Chess Opening with FIDE CM Kingscrusher

Be able to play 1.d4 and win against anything your opponent does

13 sections • 124 lectures • 20h 49m total length

Learn the Tango Chess Opening with CM Kingscrusher

Win with black against 1.e4 and 1.d4 using Knight tango weakness provocation

13 sections • 124 lectures • 20h 49m total length

The Ultimate Guide to Chess Pawn Structures

Master the essential pawn structures with instructive examples from the World chess champions

28 sections • 295 lectures • 45h total length

A fun lovers Guide to the Major Chess Openings (Udemy HIGHEST RATED)

Find chess openings that are right for your personality, goals and interests and chess improvement needs generally

12 sections • 253 lectures • 31h 40m total length

Bobby Fischer's most instructive games of Chess 1956-1962

Learn about Bobby Fischer's Opening repertoire, tactics and common strategies from this period of Fischer's career

23 sections • 160 lectures • 25h 44m total length

Bobby Fischer's most instructive games of Chess 1963-1968

Masterpieces of Tactics and Strategy from American Chess Legend Bobby Fischer

18 sections • 131 lectures • 22h 4m total length

Bobby Fischer's most instructive games of Chess 1970-1992

Bobby Fischer successfully takes on the entire Soviet Chess Machine and became World Chess Champion in 1972

14 sections • 114 lectures • 23h 53m total length

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