Live Commentary Videos - Season 10

Candidate Master (CM) Tryfon Gavriel aka Kingscrusher - pioneering with Chessworld and the youtube channel at has lots of entertaining live commentary games, opening videos, news report videos, etc. A new style of chess - for entertainment is a throwback to the Romantic era of chess, when combinations and speculative sacrifices pleased the crowd. But now, it is just online, so it's a bigger crowd than the old cafes of the past such as 'the Cafe de La Reagance' :)

These games are Box Set #10 and are played on the Internet Chess club - if you go to you can download an Interface and be playing on the ICC. If you become a full member of ICC please mention my nickname "kingscrusher" as your referrer :)

icc5minute2011 27jan 1219am
icc5minute201116feb 1747pm
icc5minute2011 16feb1802pm
icc5minute2011 16feb1839pm
icc5minute2011 16feb1903pm
icc5minute2011 17feb 931am
icc5minute2011 17feb 948am
icc5minute2011 17feb 1006am
icc5minute2011 18feb 1140am
icc5minute2011 18feb 1158am
icc5minute2011 18feb 1219am
icc5minute2011 18feb 1246am IM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2011 18feb 1306pm
icc5minute2011-21feb-1336.wmv IM Scalp Alert (well sort of - huge blunder!)
icc5minute2011 21feb 1351pm GM Scalp Alert (yes huge blunder!)
icc5minute2011 21feb 1405pm
icc5minute2011 21feb 1422pm
icc5minute2011 21feb 1435pm
icc5minute2011 21feb 1452pm
icc5minute2011 21feb 1508pm
icc5minute2011 22feb
icc5minute2011 24feb1433pm
icc5minute2011 24feb 1443pm
icc5minute2011 24feb 1451pm
icc5minute2011 24feb 1506pm
icc5minute2011 24feb 1520pm
icc5minute2011 24feb 1531pm
icc5minute2011 24feb 1625pm
icc5minute2011 24feb 1636pm
icc5minute2011 24feb 1700pm
icc5minute2011 28feb 1127am
icc5minute2011 28feb 1143am
icc5minute2011 28feb 1201am
icc5minute2011 28feb 1217am
icc5minute2011 28feb 1232am
icc5minute2011 28feb 1248am
icc5minute2011 3march 1610b
icc5minute2011 3march 1634pm
icc5minute2011 3march 1645pm
icc5minute2011 3march 1658pm FM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2011 3march 1711pm
icc5minute2011 3march 1721pm
icc5minute2011 3march 1739pm IM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2011 3march 1758pm
icc5minute2011 8march 1426pm
icc5minute2011 8march 1439pm
icc5minute2011 8march 1453pm
icc5minute2011 8march 1508pm
icc5minute2011 8march 1521pm
icc5minute2011 8march 1535pm
icc5minute2011 8march 1550pm
iccminute2011 8march 1606pm
icc5minute2011 8march 1623pm
icc5minute2011 8march 1638pm
icc5minute2011 10march 1723pm IM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2011 11march 1230pm
icc5minute2011 11march 1457pm
icc5minute2011 12march 1614pm
icc5minute2011 12march 1631pm
icc5minute2011 12march 1645pm
icc5minute2011 12march 1657pm
icc5minute2011 12march 1717pm
icc5minute2011 12march 1730pm
icc5minute2011 12march 1745pm
icc5minute2011 12march 1801pm
icc5minute2011-17march-1357pm.wmv IM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2011 19march 1421pm
icc5minute2011 19march 1434pm
icc5minute2011 19march 1450pm
icc5minute2011 19march 1503pm
icc5minute2011 19march 1519pm
icc5minute2011 19march 1535pm
icc5minute2011 19march 1551pm
icc5minute2011 27march 1045am
icc3minute27march20113 minute1749pm
icc3minute6april2011 1730pm
icc3minute2011 7thapril728amb
icc3minute2011 7thapril740amb
icc3minute2011 7thapril750bam
icc3minute2011 7thapril813am
icc3minute2011 7thapril822am
icc3minute2011 7thapril826bam
icc3minute2011 7thapril833bam GM Scalp Alert!
icc3minute2011 7thapril846bam
icc3minute2011 7thapril853bam
icc3minute2011 7thapril905bam
icc3minute2011 7thapril915bam

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