Live Commentary Videos - Season 7

Candidate Master (CM) Tryfon Gavriel aka Kingscrusher - pioneering with Chessworld and the youtube channel at has lots of entertaining live commentary games, opening videos, news report videos, etc. A new style of chess - for entertainment is a throwback to the Romantic era of chess, when combinations and speculative sacrifices pleased the crowd. But now, it is just online, so it's a bigger crowd than the old cafes of the past such as 'the Cafe de La Reagance' :)

These games are Box Set #7 and are played on the Internet Chess club - if you go to you can download an Interface and be playing on the ICC. If you become a full member of ICC please mention my nickname "kingscrusher" as your referrer :)

Blitz #602 vs neskorte (2243) French defence: Burn variation
Blitz #603 vs FM wtfai (2328) Queen's pawn game Chigorin variation
Blitz #604 vs IM Shatar (2085) Queens Pawn Game
Blitz #605 vs IM Machinegun (2383) Two knights defense
Blitz #606 vs NicklasMarklund (2195) Old Indian defense
Blitz #607 vs IM Shatar (2164) Queen's pawn game vs IM!
Blitz #608 vs WIM Revenger (2251) QGD Slav: 4.Nc3
Blitz #609 vs botvaynik (2091) (Sicilian Defence)
Blitz #610 vs zelog (2179) (Bird's Opening)
Blitz #611 vs GM YARDBIRD (2538) (French Defence Steinitz variation)
Blitz #612 icc5minute5jan1230am.wmv (French defence Kings Indian attack)
Blitz #613 icc5minute5thjan1303pm.wmv (Scandinavian (center counter) defense)
Blitz #614 icc5minute5jan20101320pm.wmv (Budapest: Adler variation)
Blitz #615 icc5minute5jan20101341pm.wmv (Reti : Lisitsin gambit deferred)
Blitz #616 icc5minute5jan1403pm.wmv (Reti vs Dutch)
Blitz #617 icc5minute1421pm.wmv (Sicilian Defence)
Blitz #618 14jan20101711pm.wmv (French Defence Wade variation)
Blitz #619 icc5minutejan1420101716pm.wmv (Benoni Defence)
Blitz #620 icc5minute15thjan20101400pm.wmv (Old Indian defense)
Blitz #621 icc5minute15jan20101409pm.wmv (French: Steinitz Boleslavsky variation)
Blitz #622 icc5minute15jan20101423pm.wmv (French defence Reti variation)
Blitz #623 icc5minute15jan20101441pm.wmv (Scotch Game)
Blitz #624 icc5minute15jan1459pm.wmv (Trompowsky attack )
Blitz #625 16jan2010951am.wmv (French defence - Alekhine Chatard Attack) vs WGM
Blitz #626 icc5minute16thjan20101004am.wmv (Queens Gambit Declined)
Blitz #627 icc5minute16jan20101249pm.wmv (French: classical Alapin variation) vs GM!
Blitz #628 icc5minute16jan20101305pm.wmv (Scandinavian: Icelandic gambit)
Blitz #629 icc5minute16jan20101321pm.wmv (English Opening)
Blitz #630 icc5minute16jan20101338pm.wmv (Sicilian Morra Smith Gambit)
Blitz #631 20jan20101635pm.wmv (Two knights defense (Modern bishop's opening))
Blitz #632 icc5minute24jan20101036am.wmv (Levitsky attack (Queen's bishop attack))
Blitz #633 icc5minute24jan20101050am.wmv (English: four knights kingside fianchetto)
Blitz #634 icc5minute24jan20101105am.wmv (Alekhine's defense: exchange variation)
Blitz #635 icc5minute24jan20101130am.wmv (English 1...Nf6 (Anglo-Indian defense)
Blitz #636 icc5minute24jan20101144am.wmv (French: Tarrasch closed variation)
Blitz #637 icc5minute24jan20101157am.wmv (Reti Opening)
Blitz #638 icc5minute6feb20101505pm.wmv (Ruy Lopez: closed defense)
Blitz #639 icc5minute7feb20101037am.wmv (French defence: Tarrasch variation)
Blitz #640 icc5minute7feb20101155am.wmv (French: exchange variation)
Blitz #641 icc5minute7feb20101208am.wmv (Sicilian: Grand Prix attack)
Blitz #642 icc5minute7feb20101225pm.wmv (French: Tarrasch Guimard main line) vs IM!
Blitz #643 icc5minute10feb20101601pm.wmv (Reti: Pirc-Lisitsin gambit)
Blitz #644 icc5minute10feb20101632pm.wmv (Reti Opening)
Blitz #645 icc5minute10feb20101640pm.wmv (Owen Defence)
Blitz #646 icc5minute10feb20101651pm.wmv (Reti Opening Kings Indian Attack)
Blitz #647 11feb20101514pm.wmv (Nimzo-Indian: classical Noa variation)
Blitz #648 icc5minute11feb20101524pm.wmv (Reti: Kings Indian Attack)
Blitz #649 icc5minute22feb2010948am.wmv (Reti Opening)
Blitz #650 icc5minute22feb20101450pm.wmv (Alekhine's defense: Scandinavian variation)
Blitz #651 icc5minute22feb20101638pm.wmv (Queens Gambit Declined: Tarrasch defence) vs WIM!
Blitz #652 icc5minute22feb20101656pm.wmv (KP: Nimzovich defense)
Blitz #653 icc5minute22feb20101714pm.wmv ("King's Indian: Four pawns attack dynamic line)
Blitz #654 icc5minute22feb20101740pm.wmv King's Indian: orthodox Aronin-Taimanov variation
Blitz #655 icc5minute28feb20101701pm.wmv (French defence Swiss variation)
Blitz #656 icc5minute1mar2010718am.wmv (King's Indian: Four pawns attack)
Blitz #657 icc5minute1mar2010736am.wmv (English opening)
Blitz #658 icc5minute2mar2010951am.wmv (French: Two knights variation)
Blitz #659 icc5minute2mar20101006am.wmv (King's Indian: Gligoric-Taimanov system)
Blitz #660 icc5minute2mar20101024am.wmv (Caro-Kann defense)
Blitz #661 icc5minute2mar20101040am.wmv (French: Steinitz Boleslavsky variation)
Blitz #662 icc5minute2mar20101056am.wmv (English opening) vs WGM!
Blitz #663 icc5minute2mar20101113am.wmv (Sicilian: Smith-Morra gambit)
Blitz #664 icc5minute2mar20101128am.wmv (Caro-Kann: Tartakower (Nimzovich) variation) vs IM!
Blitz #665 icc5minute8mar20101214am.wmv (Ruy Lopez)
Blitz #666 icc5minute14mar20101107am.wmv (King's Indian: Samisch 5...O-O)
Blitz #667 icc5minute14mar20101121am.wmv (Nimzo-Indian: 4.e3 main line with 7...Nc6)
Blitz #668 icc5minute14mar20101153am.wmv (English opening)
Blitz #669 icc5minute14mar20101214am.wmv (Benoni defense) vs GM!
Blitz #670 icc5minute14mar20101258am.wmv (King's pawn game)
Blitz #671 icc5minute14mar20101319pm.wmv (King's Indian: orthodox Aronin-Taimanov 9.Ne1)
Blitz #672 icc5minute14mar20101336pm.wmv (Nimzo-Indian: 4.e3 c5)
Blitz #673 icc5minute14mar20101348pm.wmv (Nimzo-Indian: Fischer variation)
Blitz #674 icc5minuteapri620101537pm.wmv (King's Indian: Smyslov system)
icc5minute6april20101555pm.wmv (Old Indian defense)
icc5minute6april20101610pm.wmv (Trompowsky attack (Ruth Opocensk? opening)) vs GM!
icc5minute7april20101059am.wmv (Sicilian: Anderssen variation)
icc5minute7april20101113am.wmv (Sicilian: Pelikan Chelyabinsk variation)
icc5minute7april20101138am.wmv (Sicilian: Smith-Morra gambit)
icc5minute7april20101158am.wmv (French defence Tarrasch variation)
icc5minute8april20101133am.wmv (Queen's Indian defense vs IM!)
icc5minute8april20101149am.wmv (Sicilian: Najdorf)
icc5minute8april20101203am.wmv (Nimzo-Indian: 4.e3 c5 5.Ne2 (Rubinstein anti-Hübner system)
icc5minute9april2010941am.wmv (English Opening vs GM)
icc5minute9april20101009am.wmv (Réti: King's Indian attack vs GM!)
icc5minute9april20101033am.wmv (Queen's pawn game)
icc5minute10april2010829am.wmv (French defence vs IM!)
icc5minute10april2010847am.wmv (English: symmetrical three knights system)
icc5minute10april2010905am.wmv (King's Indian 3.Nf3)
icc5minute11april20101034am.wmv (French: Steinitz Boleslavsky variation vs IM!)
icc5minute11april20101052am.wmv (QGD: Charousek (Petrosian) variation)
icc5minute11april20101108am.wmv (French: advance Wade variation)
icc5minute12april2010903am.wmv (Réti opening)
icc5minute12april2010919am.wmv (Queens Gambit Declined)
icc5minute12april2010936am.wmv (Réti opening)
icc5minute13april20101024am.wmv (English 1...Nf6 (Anglo-Indian defense))
icc5minute13april20101042am.wmv (Benko's opening)
icc5minute13april20101101am.wmv (Réti: King's Indian attack)
icc5minute14thapril2010712am.wmv (King's Indian: fianchetto Uhlmann (Szabo) )
icc5minute14april2010733am.wmv (Réti: King's Indian attack (Barcza system))
icc5minute14april2010757am.wmv (French: Tarrasch vs IM!)

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