Live Commentary Videos - Season 8

Candidate Master (CM) Tryfon Gavriel aka Kingscrusher - pioneering with Chessworld and the youtube channel at has lots of entertaining live commentary games, opening videos, news report videos, etc. A new style of chess - for entertainment is a throwback to the Romantic era of chess, when combinations and speculative sacrifices pleased the crowd. But now, it is just online, so it's a bigger crowd than the old cafes of the past such as 'the Cafe de La Reagance' :)

These games are Box Set #8 and are played on the Internet Chess club - if you go to you can download an Interface and be playing on the ICC. If you become a full member of ICC please mention my nickname "kingscrusher" as your referrer :)

icc5minute15april2010817am.wmv (King's Indian: Gligoric-Taimanov system)
icc5minute15april2010836am.wmv (King's Indian: orthodox variation)
icc5minute15april2010854am.wmv (Old Indian defense)
icc5minute16april2010756am.wmv (Four knights: Schultze-Müller gambit)
icc5minute16april2010813am.wmv (French: advance Euwe variation)
icc5minute16april2010828am.wmv (Réti opening)
icc5minute17april20101001am.wmv (King's Indian: orthodox Aronin-Taimanov 9.Ne1)
icc5minute17april20101016am.wmv (Alekhine's defense: Maróczy variation)
icc5minute17april20101033am.wmv (Nimzovich-Larsen attack: modern variation)
icc5minute18april2010756am.wmv (Sicilian: Anderssen variation)
icc5minute18april2010815am.wmv (French: Tarrasch)
icc5minute18april2010831am.wmv (Ruy Lopez: closed Flohr-Zaitsev system)
icc5minute19thApril20101047am.wmv (Réti opening)
icc5minute19april20101104am.wmv (Ruy Lopez: Schliemann defense deferred)
icc5minute19april20101115am.wmv (Réti opening)
icc5minute20april20101004am.wmv (Réti v Dutch)
icc5minute20april20101017am.wmv (Sicilian defense)
icc5minute201020april1028am.wmv (French defence Morozevich line)
icc5minute21april2010908am (French: Steinitz Boleslavsky variation)
icc5minute21april2010935am (Caro-Kann: advance variation)
icc5minute21april2010950am (Queen's Indian defense)
icc5minute22april2010933am (Center Counter)
icc5minute22april20101007am (French: advance Euwe variation)
icc5minute22april20101028am (Sicilian defence: Anderssen variation)
icc5minute23april2010816am (Queen's pawn game)
icc5minute23april2010841am (Sicilian: Pelikan Chelyabinsk variation)
icc5minute23april2010913am (King's Indian: orthodox Aronin-Taimanov 9.Ne1 vs GM!)
icc5minute5may20101623pm.wmv (QGD: semi-Slav Noteboom variation)
icc5minute201018May826am.wmv (Réti: King's Indian attack French variation vs GM!)
icc5minute18may2010845am.wmv (Sicilian: Labourdonnais-Löwenthal )
icc5minute18may2010911am.wmv (Sicilian: Hungarian variation)
icc5minute15june20102322pm.wmv (Petrov three knights game)
icc5minute15june20102339pm.wmv (Ruy Lopez: old Steinitz defense)
icc5minute16june20101207.wmv (Pirc: classical (two knights) system)
icc5minute16june20101826pm.wmv (French: Tarrasch open variation)
icc5minute16june20101840pm.wmv (French: King's Indian attack)
icc5minute16june20101852pm.wmv (Sicilian: Najdorf Byrne (English) attack)
icc5minute16june20101908pm.wmv (Polish (Sokolsky) opening)
icc5minute16june20101957pm.wmv (French: Steinitz variation)
icc5minute16june20102251pm.wmv (Pirc defence)
icc5minute17june20102346pm.wmv (Scandinavian (center counter) defense)
icc5minute18june20101202pm.wmv (King's Indian: Averbakh system)
icc5minute7thjuly2010748am.wmv (French: Tarrasch)
icc5minute7thjuly2010809am.wmv (Pirc: Ufimtsev-Pytel variation)
icc5minute7thjuly2010828am.wmv (French: Tarrasch)
icc5minute7thjuly2010846am.wmv - GM Scalp Alert! (Corn stalk defense!)
icc5minute7thjuly2010859am.wmv (Sicilian: Sveshnikov variation)
icc5minute7thjuly2010910am.wmv (Scotch game vs GM!)
icc5minute7thjuly2010929am.wmv (French: Tarrasch)
icc5minute7thjuly20101019am.wmv (Robatsch defense)
icc5minute10july20101951pm.wmv (Sicilian: accelerated fianchetto exchange)
icc5minute10july2010-2002pm.wmv (Sicilian: accelerated fianchetto exchange)
icc5minute10thjuly20102014pm.wmv (French: advance variation)
icc5minute10july2010-2022pm.wmv (Kings Indian Defence)
icc5minute10thjuly-2032pm.wmv (Caro-Kann: Panov-Botvinnik attack)
icc5minute14july20101945pm.wmv (Ruy Lopez: Berlin defense open variation)
icc5minute14july2010 2002pm (Petrov: classical attack Jaenisch variation)
icc5minute14thjuly2010-2215pm.wmv (Sicilian defence Scheveningen Keres attack)
icc5minute19thjuly2010-2007pm.wmv (Kings Indian Defence)
icc5minute19thjuly2010-2024pm.wmv (Caro-Kann defence)
icc5minute19july20102043pm.wmv (Petroff Defence Modern Attack)
icc5minute20july2010-1914pm.wmv (Owens Defence)
icc5minute20july2010-1926pm.wmv (French defence Burn variation)
icc5minute21july2010-1755pm.wmv (Reti Opening)
icc5minute21july-1806pm.wmv (Kings Gambit)
icc5minute26aug2010 2039pm
icc5minute26aug2010 2054pm
icc5minute26aug2010 2109pm
icc27aug2010 2026
icc5minute27aug2010 2046pm
icc5minute201027aug 2105pm
icc5minute27aug2010 2145pm
icc5minte30aug2010 1846pm
icc5minute30aug2010 1908pm
icc5minute30aug2010 1921pm
icc5minute30aug2010 2049pm
icc5minute30aug2010 1856pm
icc5minute30aug2010 2111pm
icc5minute5sep2010 1124am
icc5minute5sep2010 1231pm
icc5minute5sp2010 1752pm
icc5minute2010 05sep 1843pm
icc5minute5sp2010 1918pm
icc5minute2010 2014pm
icc5minute5sp2010 2040pm
icc5minute2010 06sep1817
icc5minute2010 06sep1831
icc5minute14sep2010 2224pm
icc5minute201016sep 1602pm
icc5minute201016sep 1626pm
icc5minute2010 16sep 1651pm
icc5minute16sep2010 1716pm
icc5minute2010 16sep 1732pm
icc5minute2010 16sep 1802pm
icc5minute2010 16sep 1825pm
icc5minute2010 16sep 1952pm
icc5minute2010 16sep 1955pm
icc5minute2010 16sep 2012pm

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