Live Commentary Videos - Season 9

Candidate Master (CM) Tryfon Gavriel aka Kingscrusher - pioneering with Chessworld and the youtube channel at has lots of entertaining live commentary games, opening videos, news report videos, etc. A new style of chess - for entertainment is a throwback to the Romantic era of chess, when combinations and speculative sacrifices pleased the crowd. But now, it is just online, so it's a bigger crowd than the old cafes of the past such as 'the Cafe de La Reagance' :)

These games are Box Set #9 and are played on the Internet Chess club - if you go to you can download an Interface and be playing on the ICC. If you become a full member of ICC please mention my nickname "kingscrusher" as your referrer :)

icc5minute2010 16sep 2038pm
icc5minute2010 16sep 2055pm
icc5minute17sep2010 1621pm
icc5minute2010 17sep 1638pm
icc5minute2010 17sep 1700pm
icc5minute2010 17sep 1716pm
icc5minute2010 17sep 1731pm
icc5minute2010 17sep 1752pm
icc5minute2010 17sep 1808pm
icc5minute2010 17sep 1844pm
icc5minute2010 17sep 1959pm
icc5minute2010 19sep 1536pm
icc5minute2010 19sep 1555pm
GM Scalp Alert! icc5minute2010 19sep 1611pm
icc5minute19sep2010 1614pm
icc5minute2010 19sep 1648pm
icc5minute2010 19sep 1740pm
icc5minute2010 19sep 1757pm
icc5minute2010 19sep 1828pm
icc5minute2010 19sep 2046pm
icc5minute2010 19sep 2102pm
icc5minute2010 23sep 2236pm
icc5minute2010 12oct 1834pm
icc5minute2010 12oct 1848pm
icc5minute2010 12oct 1902pm
icc5minute2010 12oct2010 1927
icc5minute2010 12oct 1946pm
icc5minute2010 12oct 2001pm
icc5minute2010 12oct 2013pm
icc5minute2010 13oct 1826pm
icc5minute2010 13oct 1841pm
icc5minute2010 13oct 1914pm
icc5minute2010 13oct 1925pm
icc5minute2010 14oct 1914pm
icc5minute2010 14oct 1929pm
icc5minute2010 14oct 2016pm
icc5minute2010 14oct 2030pm
icc5minute2010 23oct 1653pm
icc5minute2010 29oct 1049am
icc5minute2010 29oct 1105am
icc5minute2010 29oct 1149am
icc5minute2010 29oct2246pm
icc5minute2010 30oct 923am
icc5minute2010 30oct 937am
icc5minute2010 30oct 1747pm
icc5minute2010 31oct 1924pm
icc5minute2010 31oct 1943pm
icc5minute2010 31oct 200pm
GM Scalp Alert! - ICC 5-minute live commentary 1st November 18:00 pm
icc5minute2010 1stnov 1832pm
IM Scalp Alert! icc5minute2010-1stnov-1847pm.wmv
icc5minute2010 1stnov 1902pm
icc5minute2010 1stnov 1915pm
icc5minute2010 1stnov 1928pm
icc5minute2010 10nov 1445pm
icc5minute2010 12nov 1806pm
icc5minute2010-12nov-2314pm.wmv Budapest Gambit experiment :)
icc5minute2010 16nov 820am
icc5minute2010 16nov 837am
icc5minute-17nov-1719pm.wmv IM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2010 17nov 1753pm
icc5minute2010 17nov 1823pm IM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2010 17nov 1836pm FM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2010 17nov 1850pm
icc5minute2010 17nov 1908pm : Naka vs Carlsen (World blitz champ. vs ICC champ.) Gm 1
icc5minute2011 4jan1745pm
icc5minute4jan2010-1809pm.wmv IM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2011 9thjan 1642pm
icc5minute2011 9thjan 1655pm
icc5minute2011 9tjan1715pm
icc5minute2011 9thjan 1742pm
icc5minute2011 9thjan1757pm
icc5minute12jan2001 555pm
icc5minute12jan2011 632pmb
icc5minute201112jan 646pm
icc5minute2011 12jan 659pm
icc5minute2011-17jan1114am.wmv GM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2011 17jan1136am
icc5minute2011 17jan1155am
icc5minute2011 1214am
icc5minute2011 17jan1233am
icc5minute2011 17jan259pm
icc5minute2011 jan17314pm
icc5minute2011 17jan 326pm
icc5minute2011 17jan 341pm IM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2011-17jan358pm.wmv GM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute2011 17jan408pm FM Scalp Alert! Miniature Alert!
icc5minute201117jan 438pm IM Scalp Alert!
icc5minute25jan2011 621pm
icc5minute2011 27jan 1125am
icc5minute2011 27jan 1144am
icc5minute2011 27jan1201am

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