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ChessWorld brings you Real Time Chess - courtesy of ChessCube

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ChessWorld specialises in offering quality correspondence-style chess but we recognise that, from time to time, some of our Members may wish to explore the challenges of real-time on-line chess.

Although there are many sites offering this specialised style of play we can confidently recommend a site that meets our own high standards and is as enthusiastic about quality and support for its Members as we are ourselves.

Therefore we invite you to explore ChessCube.

When you click the link below, you will not leave ChessWorld, but a new window will open to give you direct access. If you have not already registered with ChessCube you must complete those simple formalities before continuing. Although it is not essential, we recommend that you use your ChessWorld nickname so that visiting friends may easily identify you online. However, in the interests of your own online security we strongly suggest that you use a different password!

While you are using ChessCube you may wish to visit the Kingscrusher Cafe - where you may meet fellow ChessWorld Members and arrange to play real-time games whenever you wish. There are, of course, also many hundreds of ChessCube Members online at any one time so that you will always be assured of a game - or two - or more!

Take a few minutes to explore the ChessCube site before you play for the first time.

For more information check our ChessCube videos on the Kingscrusher YouTube channel.     Part 1.    Part 2.

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Remember - for quality correspondence-style chess ChessWorld is still the place to be!    Return at any time simply by closing your ChessCube window.